Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Best sGt s0ng niE..uCuk suKe !!

Lagu nie uat uCuk ase hppy..like3 !!

J0m NyanYi rMai2... :)

I Lay My Love On You
Artist: Westlife@uCuk

Just a smile and the rain is gone
Can hardly believe it (yeah)
There's an angel standing next to me
Reaching for my heart

Just a smile and there's no way back
Can hardly believe it (yeah)
But there's an angel and calling me
Reaching for my heart

I know that I'll be OK now
This time is real

( chorus )
I lay my love on you
It's all I wanna do
Everytime I breathe I feel brand new
You open up my heart
Show me all your love and walk right through
As I lay my love on you

I was lost in a lonely place
Could hardly believe it (yeah)
Holding on to yesterdays
Far, far too long

Now I believe its OK cause
This time it's real

( repeat chorus )

I never knew that love
Could feel so good
Like a once in a lifetime
You change my world

( repeat chorus )

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